passionate about knowing where your food comes from?

so are we!

All natural meats, humanely raised by small family farmers committed to sustainability practices. 100% vegetarian fed or pastured, hormone and antibiotic-free.

All of our seafood is delivered fresh on the day we cook it. The majority of our fish are wild-caught. The few that aren’t wild are sustainably farmed and fed properly. No soy, ever!

100% California grass-fed and grass finished. No grains, pesticides, or herbicides ever. Cattle are allowed to pasture and are humanely raised.

Chickens are fed a Non-GMO Verified Vegetarian Diet in addition to the natural feed from the pasture.

All Nuts and Seeds

Raw and Organic Raw

All Beans

Raw and Organic

All Nuts and Seeds

Napa Valley – Organic

Grape Seed Oil

Sadaf 100% Pure

Coconut Oil

Aunt Patty’s – Raw, Extra Virgin, Organic


Purity Farms, Organic, From Pasture Raised Grassfed Cows

Apple Cider Vinegar

Spectrum Naturals–Raw, Organic, Unfiltered


Wildwood – Organic, Sprouted


Sunspire – Fair Trade, Organic


Artisana – Raw, Organic


Emerald Cove, Organic

Maple Syrup

Shady Maple Farms – Organic


Honey Pacifica – Raw, Unfiltered, Local


Wholesome Sweeteners – Organic and Unsulphured

Coconut Cream

Native Forest – Organic and Unsweetened

Coconut Aminos

Coconut Secret – Organic, Soy Free

Wild Albacore Tuna

Wild Planet – Organic, Unsalted

Peanut Butter

Once Again – Organic, Raw, Unsalted, Unsweetened

Almond Butter

Woodstock – Organic, Raw, Unsalted, Unsweetened

Coconut Flour

Bob’s Red Mill – Organic

Almond Meal

Wild Planet – Organic, Unsalted

Baking Powde

Frontier Natural Products – Aluminum Free

Rolled Oats

Bob’s Red Mill – Organic, Gluten Free

Cocoa Powder

Frontier Natural – Organic, Non Alkalized

Kelp Noodles

Wild Planet – Organic, Unsalted


Frontier Natural Products

Nutritional Yeast

Frontier Natural Products, No Synthetic Folic Acid