General Questions

We do our best to accommodate exclusions but we cannot compromise the integrity of the recipe. For example, if the snack menu item is sesame chicken skewers (with the alternative protein of shrimp or sprouted tofu) and the client does not eat chicken, they will be given one of the alternate protein options.

Let us know if you have any special instructions or allergies. We always try to accommodate any special needs. Additional fees may apply. If you’re list is long, still reach out to us. If we are unable to assist you, we can refer you to one of our trusted personal chefs.

Because everything is made fresh, specifics for each meal vary. We do stay fairly close to the guidelines below. Calories also vary depending on the meal. We have larger portions available. Simply add that option when ordering your meals. It’s only an additional $14 a day.

Large Portions:


2 cups veggies
3 eggs or 4 oz protein
2-3 Tbs fat


3 cups of veggies
4-5 oz of meat or vegan/vegetarian protein
2 tablespoon of legume or nut protein
3 tablespoons fat (dressing)


2 cups veggies
6 oz protein
3 Tbs fat (sauce)

Protein Snack

3 oz meat protein

Vegetarian Snack

6 oz vegetable based snack

Regular Portions:


1-2 cup veggies
2 eggs or 3oz of protein
1-2 tablespoons of fat


2-3 cups of veggies
3-4 oz of meat or vegan/vegetarian protein
1 tablespoon of legume or nut protein
2 tablespoons fat (dressing)


1-2 cup veggies
4-5 oz meat or vegan/vegetarian protein
2 tablespoon fat

Protein Snack

2 oz meat protein

Vegetarian Snack

4 oz vegetable based snack

Sugar Control Detox Questions

nitially, the first week is the toughest for most people. As with any detox, be prepared that you may go through withdrawal from sugar. That means initially you may experience increased cravings, headaches, lower energy, exhaustion, and/or increased emotions. We use sugar to numb a lot of feelings, so as we let go of this crutch, those emotions sometimes rear their heads. Many people experience a transition period between days 2 and 5. Some only have one hard day, others more…it just depends on what you were eating before finding us.

By the second week, clients tell us they feel great: they’ve lost weight, they sleep better, the headaches are gone… and on and on. The added bonus is that many people talk about other nagging chronic health issues disappearing, like skin issues, inflammation, and joint pain.

If you follow the sugar control protocol very closely, and if you have weight to lose, yes, you will shed some pounds. The exceptions to this rule are those who are underweight and those who don’t follow the protocol exactly. Women lose on average between 4 and 8 pounds; men lose on average between 8 and 12 pounds. We’ve had people of both genders lose as much as 14 to 16 pounds, but this is less common. Since this program is sustainable, you can continue to eat this way and reap the benefits way beyond 14 days.

Yes. However, don’t add sweeteners of any kind, including stevia. Also, don’t add any dairy, rice or soy milk. You can add unsweetened (read the label!) coconut, almond or hemp milk.

No. If you’re hungry, you may not be eating enough fat or protein with your meals. Your hunger could also be mistaken for thirst if you’re not drinking enough water. So give that a try as well. Aim to eat your breakfast within an hour of waking and then eat every three to four hours after that.

Hunger isn’t always physical. Sometimes it is mental and/or emotional. Take a moment to notice where that hunger or craving is coming from. Did you just get out of a stressful situation? In the end, if you feel that the portions are simply not enough, please contact us and we will adjust accordingly.

That’s going to be different for everyone depending on your size and lifestyle. Generally, we recommend you eat every three to four hours, starting with breakfast within an hour of waking. We don’t want you to be hungry, but we also don’t want you to force feed yourself. You’ll need to listen to your body and let it be your guide. We provide you with a detailed recommended schedule for when to eat on the program.

If you find you’re satiated with just breakfast, lunch and dinner, then omit the snacks, and aim to eat every four to five hours. You don’t want to be hungry, but you don’t want to force yourself to eat either. As your body begins to burn fat as a fuel source, you will be able to go longer and longer between meals, still feel satiated and have lasting energy.

Yes. In fact you’ll reach weight-loss goals that much faster if you do. Be prepared that there may be a day or two during the first week that your energy may feel lower than usual. You’ll want to limit the intensity of your exercise those days. Let your body be your guide, and don’t try to push through if you’re feeling fatigued.

Vegetarians and Pescetarians will experience results following the Sugar Control Detox. Vegetarians will get a modified version of the detox that includes quinoa, soy and some dairy. Due to dependency of grains and starches on a vegan diet, this detox is not recommended for Vegans. We have had Pescetarian clients – a vegetarian who also eats fish – follow this program with great success.

If we missed any of your questions, feel free to email us. We provide a lot of support while you’re on the program including a common questions and answers beyond those above.