Here at Wholesome2Go, we are redefining organic by returning to ancient and traditional foods, which are properly prepared, crafted for optimal nutrition, and brought right to your door.


This is a food revolution for the new millennium that goes beyond the traditional organic and local approach by focusing on healing properties of traditionally prepared and crafted wholesome food.  We have a team committed to helping you reach your optimal level of health.  The highest standards will bring you the highest results.  We deliver Old World foods for the 21st Century, returning to ancient super foods, healthy fats, and soaked grains and nuts for optimal digestion.  Let us bring you the invaluable nutritional benefits of time-intensive Old World food preparation and cooking right to your doorstep each day.  Healing foods take time to make and prepare, so let us do that for you.   We deliver a healing approach to weight loss that remains through a sugar detox paleo meal plan with homemade bone broth, and working with our nutritional coaches.  By healing the gut through proven and scientifically based education, we can take you far beyond crash diets and set you up for a lifetime of energy, health, and sustainable weight.  Our meals are widely recognized for their  exceptional taste and flavor.   


Beyond Organic.  Beyond Paleo.  Beyond Local.

At Wholesome2Go, we lovingly craft beyond organic food.  That means taking the time to ensure all of our ingredients are sourced from local, organic, biodynamic, and CCOF farms.   We partner with farmers that create a diversified and balanced ecosystem within their farm by using permaculture and holistic farming practices that both enhance the nutritional quality and flavor of food, and help to heal the planet.

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We offer only the highest quality foods.  We believe that optimal health begins with a foundation of fats, animal proteins, and a balanced ratio of raw vs. cooked fruits and vegetables.  We source 100% grass fed, grass finished beef, lamb, and bison.  100% organic pastured eggs, poultry, and pork.  Wild sustainably caught fish.  100% gluten free, unprocessed ingredients, thoughtfully crafted and properly prepared organic nuts, seeds, and legumes that we soak overnight for optimal nutrition and digestion.  We infuse our food with healthy fats to fuel a vibrant brain, resilient nervous system, sustaining energy, to help build a natural sunscreen for our precious skin, and to the aid the body in the assimilation of fat soluble vitamins and minerals.  We make dressings and sauces from house made pastured ghee, virgin unrefined coconut oil, first press extra virgin California olive oil, and tallow which we produce as a by-product of our slow simmered bone broth.  All of our meals have a Paleo friendly option, and we can easily accommodate a dairy-free diet, a soy-free diet, and your individual protein preferences.

I’ve tried many many food and meal delivery companies and I have to say that Wholesome2Go is officially my favorite so far! Being a health and nutrition professional, it’s really important that my clients are able to count on the meals being done properly to the specifications of the program we do in my office. Wholesome2Go solves any guesswork for my clients. They follow our specifications to a tee! On top of that I’ve never had an issue with delivery or customer service. They really care about you and want you to be happy. They even check in to see how you liked it and they work with you to resolve any issues that might come up. I’ve worked with meal delivery companies in the past that you can’t even get to return your call! Do yourself a favor and sign up with Wholesome2go and you can be sure that you’re taking care of your health properly and enjoy the food because it tastes so good too!
— Monica, MLH Wellness Center
Such a great way to get back on track!
I do the sugar detox 14 day program whenever I’m feeling like the sugar in my system is out of control. it always does the trick and i’m always so amazed at the creativity of my meals. I have to say the food is great, organic and so fresh. AND if ever I have a question or issue, it’s been answered quickly, even after hours. My feeling of bloatedness goes away after the first week and my fogginess is completely gone after week 2....and I’m not starving like I feel when I used to juice cleanse!!! It’s one of the best alternatives out there.
— Leesah

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